The city of Sharuun looks like a hodgepodge of small shanties and large bazaars at first eyesight. Sharuun is a large city, easily as large as Caradul in area, but it is not as heavily populated. Most of the area is covered by the slums that surrounds the city proper. The city centre is the natural harbour, a very busy harbour home to both a lot of legal trade and more than a few pirates.

The harbour district is mostly warehouses and taverns. The middle eastern culture of the city tends to keep foreigners at bay, so most of them stay within this district.

In the northern and western approaches of Sharuun, lies the wealthy and powerful abodes. Here small and large mansions and palaces lies intermingled, as small enclaves jealously guarded by private mercenaries, who eyes each other through the tide of merchant and street urchins.

Sharuun is a trade port and almost anything is traded here, including many items which is frowned upon elsewhere.


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