The Imperial Road Service

The Imperial Road Service is a roaming guard force which travels the major roads on Eredane. It is normally met as a patrol of less than a score men, which walks the length and breath of the Eredane highways. They are all clad in an easily recognisable red brown leather/scale mail and skirt, solid bracers and greaves, high-crested helmets and a large tower shield with an ancient lightning motiff. Most are armed with a spear, possible great spear, and a short sword. In warmer climates they all wear sandals which is laced up to their knees.

The IRS are all sworn to the service of a lost emperor of an equally lost empire of ancient origin. Their only mission is to uphold the peace of the highways.

The IRS have a single fortress monastery left near the city of White Cliff, which they call home. The remaining patrols is mostly manned by descendants of earlier patrol guards and orphans inductees.

All IRS guards the salutation ‘May you find lasting road peace’


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