The Fortunate Ones

Our story so far

The small adventuring band, know humorously as The Fortunate Ones, is following the trail of the kidnapped princess Lily of the Kingdom. They are currently in the city of Sharuunsearching for the factor Al’Man Hushdi, who has been implicated in the sale of the princess.

While searching for evidence the party was surprised by Al’man Hushdi and his bodyguards. After a battle where the bodyguards was killed or fled, Al’man Hushdi made a deal with the party. He then directed the party towards the Bedu tribe Kartoumn, where he sold the White Lily to Sheik Kartoumn.

Arriving at the Kartoumn oasis, the party is delayed by the pleasantries and local customs of not talking business immediately, that must wait until next morning. Unfortunately a Shadow Knight warparty assaults the camp during the night and despite the party valiant defence of the camp, they make off with the White Lily. Sheik Kartoumn recognises his debt and rewards the party with powerfull magic items.

Tracking the Shadow Knight through the desert proves an easy task for the party, even when tracking through a city. The party arrives at the docks of Sharuun only to see a merchant ship with them slipping away. Fortunately Al’man Hushdi have heard of the situation and arranged a contact with Captain Jim of the Sea Snake, a sometimes pirate, for the party. They quickly negotiates a deal and the Sea Snake is off in persuit. be continued

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